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This is a Company presentation of UMG Idealab.

Our company motto is to make ideas happen.

UMG Idealab is a venture builder that builds and invests in early-stage technology-based startups.

Based in Jakarta – Indonesia, We are currently have more than 40 local startups and more than 60 investment portfolio spread across Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and China.

We believe technology is the best solution that bring a real impact on society at the social, economic and environmental levels.

UMG Idealab vision : Prosper with Nation.

UMG idealab mission:

Guide the finest generation of entrepreneur to make their ideas happen.

Become a catalyst in industrial practice by disrupting conventional business method.

Invest and guide technology enabled startups that has exponential growth potential and meaningful social impact in this technology driven era.

Leader’s visions :

Live more than 100 years by relying on 3 essentials things – People, Leadership, and Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.

Kiwi Aliwarga, Founder of UMG Idealab.

“Since transforming into a venture builder, UMG Idealab has continued to establish new startups and provide assistance. Starting from research and development, resources, management training, as well as capital support.

We encourage startups in our ecosystem to collaborate with each other in R&D, and find technology solutions to solve the nation’s problems.’

Our Main Business.

Venture Capital, Startup come to us, we invest if we are interested.

Venture Builder, The idea come from us, we look for the suitable founder and the team.

Research Center, Develop new product and service, collaborate with researcher and universities.

Our Portfolios.

Number of investments  in more than 60 companies.

Total Disbursement  40 Millions US Dollars.

Countries of our portfolios: China, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Ticket Size.

In Table with two axis: Enterprise Value as Y Axis, Time as X axis.

In X axis, there are 3 stages: Seed capital stage, Growth Stage and later stage.

So UMG Idealab as investor, has an interest with companies which needs a funding:

In Y axis, there are various tickets. UMG idealab interested in ticket funding, 300 thousands US Dollar until 5 millions US Dollar.

In X axis, UMG idealab interested in company in seed capital stage, which lies in valley of death.

Key Areas of UMG Idealab.

Fight Climate Change.

Reduce Income gap & inequality.

Help MSME’s to compete globally.

Deal Flow.

Pitching, Tell us your ideas, vision, innovation and “how it works”.

Valuation, Negotiation of funding amount and shares.

Term of Sheet, Highlight the requirement from both sides.

Legal Agreement, Binding Contract and Legal Force.

Closing, The company get funded and regularly reporting the progress to our team.


1st option, Merger or Acquisition.

2nd option, Initial Public Offering (IPO).

3rd option, Trade Sale.

Our Startups.

In Categories of Fight Climate Change.




Frogs Solusi Indonesia,

Yava, Java United Services,

Lectro Lithium Titania,

Widya Life Science,

Widya Immersive Technology,

Widya Herbal,


Reduce Income Gap & Inequality.


Aryaguna Technology,

AICI, Artificial Intelligence Center Indonesia,





Herbal Taru Pramana, Produk Herbal & Pengobatan Ayurveda,

Jari Visibility,


ProSehat, Aplikasi Kesehatan,

Universitas Indonesia, FKUI, Imeri,





Widya Analytic,

Widya Security,

Widya matador,

Widya skilloka,

Widya wicara,

Help MSME To Compete Globally.




Botika, Answering Opportunity,



Touch Me, Beauty is an investment,

Inagi, manufacturing innovative machine,

Legalku, Indonesian Legal Tech,

Attractive Investment Fields for UMG Idealab.

Deep Technology for Health,

Renewable Energy,

Deep Technology for Autonomous and Robotic,

Deep Technology for Education,

Agro and Food Technology.

4 Ways to get Potential Investors for Your Startup.

Make the most of your network.

Attend online or offline startup community event.

Optimize your social media use.

Participate in startup competitions.

Join the startup incubator program.


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Company website, umgidealab.id .

founder website, kiwialiwarga.com .

company youtube umgidealab .

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