IMERI FKUI and Idealab Present Big Data CenterSunday, February 6, 2022

IMERI FKUI and Idealab Present Big Data Center
Sunday, February 6, 2022

Abdul Muslim (
JAKARTA, Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (IMERI FKUI) in collaboration with venture builder UMG Idealab launched the Big Data Center IMERIIdealab, an integrated service for one `s top service in data management in the field of health.
Director of IMERI Prof. dr. Badriul Hegar , PhD, SpA(K), said , IMERI has a vision to develop research in the field of medical education and medical science , especially involving big health data.
“IMERI is expected to facilitate researchers with a platform that can process biological, clinical, social and environmental data, to develop a new health service to provide benefits for health services for the Indonesian people,” said Prof Badriul, in his statement, quoted on Sunday (6/6). /2).
Meanwhile, Idealab is willing to work with IMERI to build a healthcare big data platform with the same vision.
“We recognize IMERI as a forum for healthcare professionals and healthcare practitioners to contribute to education and research. We believe that with the right partners, we can create comprehensive and affordable healthcare,” said Ahmad Syafi, President of UMG and Director of Idealab. Idealab’s commitment to continue working to advance the role of Technology 4.0 in various areas of life in Indonesia, including the healthcare sector.
Dean of Professor FCU in his speech. Ari Fakhrial Siam, SpPDKGEH at MMB, said the development of big data input systems is an attempt to make optimal use of medical data.
“Not only for the benefit of the University of Indonesia, but also for the benefit of the country and even the whole world. Big health data analyzed by artificial intelligence can be used to improve human well-being.”
In addition to these speakers, 170 participants from the Zoom conference and Medicine UI Youtube channel attended the grand launch of the IMERI Idealab Big Data Center.
Among them, Dr. Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation at Indonesian University. Nurtami, Ph.D., Sp, Dean of OF(K) and Faculty of Medicine, Professor of UI Dr. Ari Fakhrial Siam, SpPDKGEH, MMB.
Also IMERIIdealab Big Data Center Chair Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf, SSi, MT, PhD, UI Health Sciences Clump Deans, UI Faculty of Medicine Chair, UI Hospitals Academic Health System Network Director and UI Academic Health Sciences Chair.

Source: Investor Daily

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